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Re: M/C?? Food poisoning (children mentioned)

I'm so sorry you're going through this. I had a MC back in March. I bled 3 nights in a row but only spotted during the day. The first night was only bleeding and a couple of very small clots...normal for a period for me. The second and 3rd night however I passed large clots...some larger than a tennis ball. From what I understand, large clots are a definite sign of a miscarriage. My CNM (here we can only use "medives" who work under an OBGYN and birth in a hospital) told me to come in if I was filling/overflowing a pad within an hour and continue bleeding beyond that. So I would suggest checking with your Dr. or MW and see what they recommend. They can do an ultrasound to check on the baby and combat the dehydration. Again, I'm so sorry and I hope everything's ok. Some women do bleed during pregnancy but you really need to check in with your Dr. or MW and get checked out and see what's going on.
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