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Re: When did you start teaching your kids about touching?

Originally Posted by kaimon View Post
I started around 2.5 with DD. She and DS bathe together and she went through a phase of being fascinated with his penis. So I had to teach her that it's inappropriate for her to touch other people's private and for other people to touch hers. We talk about the difference between mommy/daddy or teacher (daycare) wiping her after using the toilet... etc.

She's 3.5 now and it's been a while too that I try to explain to her that she needs to touch herself alone in her bedroom for privacy. She doesn't fully understand but she's getting there.
This sounds like us. We started around 2 when she started trying to touch other people. Not any big discussions but casually as it comes up. Things like we don't touch other people's pee-pees, bottoms or chests without permission. And we tell her, again casually, That if anyone touches her in those places she is tell us- no matter who it is or what they say.

I was surprised her doc actually started at her 2 year old apt saying to her "I am going to check your bottom to make sure everything is ok. And its ok because i am a doc trying to help you." Which could be taken a lot of ways, I was just glad that she pointed out that it was only ok because she was a doc checking on her.
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