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Re: M/C?? Food poisoning (children mentioned)

It's really pretty rare for food poisoning to cause a m/c. PLEASE don't blame yourself. for any of this. for all of my losses, I had pretty heavy bleeding. Sometimes HUGE clots, sometimes not really. I also did have fairly heavy bleeding with my DS2, I only knew that was different because the bleeding stopped again within a day or two. Can you get an U/S to confirm? It's always better to let your body do the work on it's own, but that's really not always possible (either physically or emotionally) and your care provider has the responsibility to share all viable options with you. Really, having a m/c is very common, it does not mean a THING is wrong with you, but that doesn't make it hurt any less. Get the support you need and make sure to ask your provider lots of questions...get the answers you need.

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