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Re: When/how to introduce "Stranger danger"

it is my understanding that they don't teach "stranger danger" anymore. what the PP said about being abducted (and also molested) by someone the know is so much higher. It is also confusing to a child....I remember when my teens were little, "don't talk to strangers" and "the cashier asked you a question, sweetie" were conflicting. Plus, if they are lost or you passed out in the park, etc, you would want him to talk to strangers to get help! Most strangers aren't bad, so it's a hard thing. I think if you talk to your DS about what things are ok to talk about and when? Like it's ok to talk to people you don't know when you are with mommy, or to ask for help if you are lost and alone, but it's not ok to go anywhere with ANYONE (or let them touch you or you touch them, etc) except, "mom, dad, grandma" (or whomever you say is ok and they have the code word or whatever). it's a difficult decision to make in regards to teaching him safety
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