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Re: Crushed by test results

I'm so sorry! I know what it's like to be is your shoes! How old are you? I'm 32. I took started my journey just thinking I have low progesterone and that all I would need was supplemental progesterone. But then we did more tests. I had an FSH of 13 once (then 6). My estrodial has been normal though (I think). I finally saw a RE and found out (via ultrasound) that I have diminished ovarian reserve. I did manage to conceive a few months ago (while take prometrium to help with the progesterone, but no other meds then) but had a miscarriage. My RE still thinks I can have a healthy baby. Don't give up hope yet! I've read plenty of hopeful stories.

BTW, I'm in Berkeley. I wish I had more advice for you but I'm still fairly early on my journey. I don't have Kaiser so I have been fortunate to be able to choose my docs, etc. That said, you may find that the treatments you need are not covered under insurance - in which case you will probably end up choosing to go outside of Kaiser for care. I'm going to a RE at UCSF. My testing was covered by insurance but now that we are starting IUI, none of it will be covered for me. Not sure what Kaiser covers or not.

Feel free to PM me.

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