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Food for thought.. By telling kids only mommy and daddy can touch there... What if mommy or daddy is actually abusing them and they think it's ok b/c you said only mommy and daddy.

So I try to tell my girls something like: your. Private areas (insert whatever you call it) are yours, and only yours. Nobody should be touching it, except you. If there's a problem, or it hurts, or you need help wiping, you can ask mommy or daddy to help you. Sometimes the doctor has to check your private areas, but that is only okay if mommy or daddy is there, and I will reassure you that it's ok for them to look. If anybody touches you, be sure to tell mommy or daddy and do not be afraid to tell then STOP and NO. And even if they tell you not to tell me, tell me anyway. I will protect you"

Or something along those lines. You get the point. I don't want my girls to think it's ok for anybody to touch them, even "safe" people. I hate to be over paranoid, but I rather be over paranoid then my kids think a safe person touching them is ok. Of course i trust all the safe people in their lives, but I'm sure so do many moms who've had their kids abused by someone "safe". I rather be extra cautious!
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