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Re: Do I need a double stroller? Chariot?

I don't have a chariot but a lot of people here have chariots and no one regrets it. It is very narrow for a double stroller and it is cool since it serves many purposes in one. The skis and the cover are nice for winter trail walking.

I have a single bob and a double bike trailer and a sled. I like them all but I wouldn't mind having one thing to serve all those purposes. I never had a double stroller through 3 kids and haven't really minded. My current baby is small but my ds wasn't a small baby and I wore him until I was really pregnant with my youngest.

I do like my costco double bike trailer. This year we use a trail a bike and the double bike trailer. I have pulled them all together and ride with all 3 but it is hard so I usually wait until my husband can take one or the other. I use the stroller for my son right now and wear the baby. My ds is starting to walk a little bit on hikes and I think by next summer he will be hiking on his own like my dd was at his age so he won't use it anymore.
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