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For Vax-free or selective vax Mommas...

When we interviewed peds we explained that we were looking to delay/selectively vaccinate. Our Doc was ok with that, asked when we thought we'd start them, and we said maybe 2. Fast forward and DS is 16 months old, at his 15 month checkup the ped. was asking (for a memory refresher) when we were thinking about doing the vax's. We talked a little bit about it and I know we've got about 8 months until the "time" but I am starting to look more into what vax's, if any, we would consider. To be honest getting any of them leaves me with a sick feeling in my stomach, but at the same time I can see the benefit of a couple of them, assuming my child isn't one that has a reaction. We do travel at least annually out of the country, which is weighing on my decision as he will likely be exposed to some things he wouldn't otherwise b/c of this. I know for sure that we are opting out of several (varicella, rota, Hib, Prevnar, HepB, etc) but was wondering how you all made the decisions to either choose the selective vax's you did, or not to do them at all. And, how did you bring it up with your Dr. and did he/she have any objections? we go back in a couple months and I have gotten several of books to read on the subject (of vaccines as well as treating the diseases they are meant to prevent) but I want to go in as well-informed and armed as possible so that we can begin the dialogue and have 6 months to work out whatever the decision is. We really love our pediatrician, and he has been incredibly supportive so far, so I don't want to burn any bridges with him unnecessarily... but I also want to do what is right for our family. Thanks!
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