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Re: When/how to introduce "Stranger danger"

Don't mean to be negative or start anything, but a child is more likely to be abducted or hurt by someone in their own community that they have seen before or even know well then they are a stranger. Stranger Danger is a good thing to teach, but it can give kids a false security-kwim? Mr Jones lives down the street, we're not friends but he's not a stranger either, so its ok to help him look for his puppy. I would include warning against that kind of thing too.
Yes this. Much more likely to be assaulted/molested/abducted by their friend's dad, their uncle, soccer coach, sunday school teacher etc. I teach good and bad touch, and empower them to say no to anyone who is trying to touch their body in a way they are uncomfortable with. Stranger Danger did a HUGE disservice to a whole generation of kids. (I am a former police officer).
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