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Re: Share your routine, please!

I have an 18m DD and a 1m DD. I have had a set schedule that we stick to. Even after DD2 was born, I did my very best to keep us on schedule.
DD1 is a great sleeper so this is what our day looks like:

8am - everyone up, milk for DD1 and boobs or DD2
9:30am - breakfast for DD1 while DD2 naps
10-12:30 - play time, laundry, light cleaning, feed DD2 again
1pm - Lunch for DD1
1:30 - Nap time DD1, DD2 ususally wakes up the whole time, I left DD1 sleep for as long as she wants and I have some free time to sew and do other household things
4ish - 6 - more playtime/reading whatever else
6pm - I start dinner
6:30 - We eat
7 - clean up and baths for both
7:30 - DD1 gets her night milk
8 - DD1 goes to bed
11ish - me and DH go to bed

This pretty much is the same EVERYDAY. DD2 of course gets fed in there more, but its random times. I will have to say that sometimes one of them is needing my attention and doesn't get it. DD2 will sometimes have to cry for a few minutes when I know she isn't hungry/needs changed. I did not do this with DD1 when she was small, but I almost feel like she is a little spoiled now because of it. You only have 2 hands mama. Just do the best you can!

I don't think I could NOT have a schedule.
Good luck and hopefully everything will settle down for you.
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