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Re: I HATE BFING!!!!!!!

Bf'ing isn't natural like I know I've heard for years. It took a while to get the hang of, but I do love it most of the time. DD is 9 months and doesn't eat any food so she still nurses every 2-3 all day, and cluster at night til bedtime. I still enjoy it but would like some time away. You should see your doc about ppd. If you are stressed and not liking it, she is stressed and not liking it either. You need to try and get calm when you know you are about to feed her. She feels all the same stress you do and that's why she cries all the time. I know, easier said than done, but it is doable. If you have a relative or friend, try giving them a bottle to give to her but you have to walk outside so she can't hear, see, or smell you. You have to try the bottle before she gets hungry. Maybe an hour after she last ate. You don't have to like breastfeeding, but being stressed around your lo isn't helping her at all. She would benefit more from formula than you being stressed while she eats. Please see someone. It's ok that you don't like it. You can get through this. I hope nothing but the best for you. As for the father, like pp said, you have to set a good example for your dd, so do what's best for you and her. (Meaning all this to be as supportive as possible and not condenscending!)
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