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Re: When/how to introduce "Stranger danger"

I should look into that book, sounds good.

I was going to say that I know my kids were taught stranger danger probably in preschool?

But I'm also kinda paranoid or very aware of that and have mentioned it a few times.

I have told them not to talk to strangers, if they get lost to go to someone who works in the store, I must remember to say another mom too. I've also told them if anyone tries to get them to leave the store, take them anywhere to kick and scream and yell stranger.

I just say that most people are good, but there are some people out there who are not good people.

I once had a man quickly take a picture of my then 3 yr old son(he's very good looking IMO) to "show" how his camera phone worked and it really freaked me out for a long time. I hate people taking pictures at the pool too, you can never tell which kid they are snapping.

This week we were at a amusement park and my 5 yr old innocently asked a man with his son if he was going on the ride. DH and I watched him and then said..."why were you talking to a stranger?" and he burst into tears. Think they kinda forget sometimes. I didn't want to scare him, just wanted to remind him.

My neighbour has had a lot of running/hiding issues with her son who's 7 and told him about the 8 yr old boy in NY. Probably depends on how your child is too, esp if they are always running off.

I also have NEVER made my kids kiss people goodbye even family members much to their disdain. It's more important to me that the kids know they don't HAVE to do that(or other stuff) just because they are family.
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