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Re: "Alice in wonderland birthday party"!! thoughts? ideas?

Originally Posted by wooly_wonderful View Post
I would get old plates and candle holders. If you glue the candle holder to the bottom of the plate it makes something like a cake plate. I usually make 3 in varying sizes and stack them. Then you can put food on there. I made some for my dd's 8th birthday.

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that sounds like an awesome idea! i am going thrifting hopefully i can finish my "list". I am thinking:

candle stick holders
tea cups/saucers
mix match silverware (needed some of this anyway)
large punch bowl/cups/ladle
vintage necklaces
lace table cloths

dress up boys vest/tie

funky hats or hair pieces

now i am just unsure of the location? i know i want it to be outside....but park with covered picnic area? there is a nicer park with an ampitheater and pool?
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