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Re: Share your routine, please!

This is a rough look at our schedule right now (during the summer

7 am: Everyone up (typically they are up by 6:30 on their own)
7:30: Get dressed
7:45: Breakfast
8:00: Independent play (my coffee and news time)
8:20: Read a book or play with one child or all
9:45: snack time
10:00 play (I make sure I have dinner pulled and a load of laundry going by this point)
11:30 lunch
12:00: Educational play, older two do workbooks or art
1:30: 1 year old goes down for nap, the other two play or work on an activity, or sometimes a movie, I do my Motivated Moms schedule.
3:00: The 1 year old is usually up, snack time and then we will go outside or do something like a walk if it is not too hot, sometimes we will run to the store if that is on the days to-do list
4:30: start dinner and then eat
6:30 bath time, bedtime stories
7:30: 1 and 3 year old in bed
8:00: 5 year old to bed and mommy watches dvr'd stuff takes a bath or folds laundry

I always have laundry going and I love my Motivated Moms schedule because it means nothing ever gets too dirty. DH is a trainer for a large corporation and his schedules changes on a monthly or weekly basis sometimes (depending on who he is training) so I try to focus on keeping a consistent schedule for us and then he just falls in whenever he is around.
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