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Re: Bathroom Issues

Personally, I would start with a token society. Maybe set up a chart, or use jelly beans each time he successfully uses the potty?
I agree that you shouldn't punish him quite yet... although, with my DSS we did have to get there. He was purposely peeing on things when he was upset about something. I turned off his cartoon and told him to come and eat supper and he peed on his Dad's brand new PS3... oh man! That was the last straw!

Do you think that he's honestly having accidents, just isn't trying, or is it honestly an accident? I would first start out encouraging positive behaviour before I look towards punishing the negative.
With DSS he got a penny in his jar every time he went in the potty, but if he had an accident I took one away (but he was 2, so penny's were a HUGE deal to him back then... now at five his attitude would be "big deal, I can't even buy anything with a penny anyways")
He also did badly with a potty and we had MUCH more success with one of the potty seats that go on the big toilet.
Good luck!
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