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Re: Prior pregnancy

I finally found my birth story I wrote for DS:

Michael Lee was born Sunday, June 21, 2009 at 7:33PM 7lb 7oz and 20.5in long.

My water broke at 8:45PM on Friday evening while at my mother-in-law's college graduation in Edmonds (we were sitting in the stands and it was cold and rainy) I got up to go to the bathroom and my water broke on the way down the stairs to the bathroom. (at least it was raining so no one could really tell!). We drove home to bellingham excited that this was it. We called our midwife who said to try to get a good night's rest since contractions hadn't started. We slept that night and the next morning we went for walks to try to get labor started. We went to the co-op and got some homeopathic stuff that is supposed to help start labor as well. Still nothing. At about 3PM we went into the birth center to start antibiotics since labor still hadn't started and the risk for infection was growing. Apparently it isn't just me who doesn't like needles, my veins didn't either. The medication kept infiltrating and it was very painful (I REALLY don't like needles) we were there for about 3 hours just to get the 1 bag of antibiotics. (They first tried to do the catheter so I would have the fewest pokes for the duration but my veins wouldn't accept them, then they did the butterfly and my veins were even having a hard time accepting that too) At about 8:45 Saturday night irregular contractions started (we think it was from the homeopathic stuff we were taking every half hour since while I was sleeping that night it didn't appear I was having any contractions). At about 12:30AM we went back to the birthing center for the second dose of antibiotics, again, not pleasant and took a few tries to get the bag done. At that point they said to come back at 8:30AM for another round of antibiotics and they would try the foley catheter and castor oil since labor still wasn't getting started. So, we went back at 8:30. The worst part of the entire labor I would say was the inserting fo the catheter --I am VERY sensitive and it was very painful (more than the labor I would say). We then went home and took the castor oil in a smoothie Mark made. I was concerned of the effects of the castor oil but for me it wasn't too bad. I only threw up once and the diarreah didn't last very long at all. The catheter stayed in for only about an hour so it plus the castor oil worked to get me dialated to about 3-3.5cm and the contractions really kicked in then too. They were almost a min in duration and there was only 2min or so between them. Our Doula, Amber Dawn came over at that point and after seeing how seemingly quick labor was getting intense, suggested we head over to the birthing center. That was about at 1:30pm and they checked me and I was at 3-3.5cm dialated but the cervix was really thin they said. At that point they said I still wasn't in active labor and said I could go home and labor there or I could stay. I really wanted to stay since we only lived like 5min away and I had 3 contractions before we got in the door (one in the parking lot) and I really didn't want to endure anymore in the car. At that point I was experiencing some low back pain. His little body was in a good position and it wasn't back labor but we think his little head was in a funny position. So they had me get on my knees on the bed with my chest down to try to get him to slide down a little and move his head. That was a really uncomfortable position for me to be in during a contraction so I asked for an alternative which was standing with my hips rotated and me holding my belly up to try to bring him up that way, we went for a walk doing that at every contraction which was a little akward as we were on Alabama St (a main drag in our town) and went down an alley way thinking there wouldn't be anyone and apparently it was a very busy alley as everyone was asking if I was ok or if I needed a ride to the hospital etc. lol (people really don't like seeing other people in pain, especially not a pregnant lady in labor!!!!). I was feeling akward doing this and it was really bright outside so after having about 10 or so contractions like that, we went back inside to do more knees and chest positioning. At about 2:45PM they checked me again and I was about at 4cm dialated (again all the while with my contractions being about 1min in duration and 2 min apart and pretty intense). I think the knees and chest positioning worked as I did feel a sensation of him moving. I labored for I think a couple more hours and they checked me as I was saying that I had a sensation to push a little and I was at an 8!!! and going through transition. The midwife tried to keep my cervix from swelling while I would bear down a little during contractions to try to get the cervix to finish dialating on a birthing stool which got me to 9.5cm. We then got into the tub where shortly thereafter I starting having the real urges to push so the midwife held back the little bit of cervix that was left to make sure it didn't swell or anything. I pushed for a little less than 45min when his little head was born but that was right at the end of a contraction. The next contraction was delaying a little so I tried pushing without it and the contraction started while I was pushing and the rest of him was born. He was soo alert when he was born and covered in vernix since he was so early (he was due July 4th)

I was sooo nervous during the time that my labor hadn't started and after my water broke afraid that I would have to go to a hospital and end up having pitocin (which for me would probably end in having an epidural as well which is something we were trying to avoid as both Mark and I wanted an unmedicated birth). I was also nervous when we were doing our last shot to get labor going prior to having to go to the hospital (they said I would have had to go to the hospital Sunday evening (48 hrs after my water broke) if I still wasn't progressing, so the castor oil and catheter was our last chance with the midwives but very glad that it worked and wasn't as unpleasant as I had thought it would be). Mark was SOOOOOO wonderful and helped me relax during the contractions. He isn't an especially creative individual so the visualization techniques weren't really tried. Thankfully though the Bradley Method teaches multiple ways a husband can help coach the mother through labor. He mainly kept eye contact and helped me relax by helping me keep my breathing slow and through the stomach and telling me to relax the different parts of my body as they would tense up during the contraction and would sometimes touch that body part to help me relax it if I was having an especially hard time. He also gave me lots of encouraging words and constantly reassured me that I was doing good etc.
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