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RE: financial prayers needed...

Hi Mamas,
I don't post here and read only occasionally. However, I have been convicted with the verse, I am a person who thinks I can handle it *on my own* and then end up lonely and overwhelmed.
Anyway....long story that I will attempt to shorten. DH moved here 2 1/2 yrs ago to marry me (I have joint custody of my teens and can't leave). He left an exlt job as a stagehand and was told he would get work here- same union, different branch. Fast forward to now, union never hired him...old boys network and all that. Any other AV jobs here are hard to get, you have to have top secret clearance which he doesn't have and it's not something you can just *get*. Anyway, he has a PT job at a deli and they can't give him more hours. He was working with my dad's landscaping company which was helping us just make it. Well, now the season is over. He is looking looking looking for anything. Nights, whatever and nothing is coming up. Me working with joint custody, 1 car, a toddler who would need child care and my non-qualifications is not an option. We live in an area where the avg income is over 100K and we are so far below the poverty level right now....anyway...DH needs a job. A real job, that pays. He doesn't mind even working 2-3 jobs, but now is only getting 20 hrs at one job and I am not sure how we are gonna make rent next month. No savings or anything, our 1 car needs $700 worth or work. I am driving it, but it has failed inspection and I am afraid of a ticket every time I go out.
Thank you so much for your prayers if you feel led.
Sorry this turned out so long
Jul, This used to be a great place

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