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Re: "Alice in wonderland birthday party"!! thoughts? ideas?

My daughter had an AIW theme 16th b-day party. It was awesome...a little more grown up...We twisted the theme to "We're All Mad Here" We made key chains with the party theme for the was cool. Lining the driveway we had LARGE cards that we made from posterboard with a bubble machine hooked up. There were signs pointing people in aa directions but little rabbit footprints that led the correct way. The back yard was full of bright lanterns and I took tea cups 7 saucers and hot glued them onto dowels & stuck them all through the garden. We had flamingos and a croquet area...of course my daughter dressed up as Alice for the first part...then we had a metal band take the stage...their name of course :"Instant Madness" I had balloons inside with images cut out from the book hanging off of them...ummmmm...a topsy turvey cake, cupcakes that said eat me, bottle of water with tags that said drink me...I'll have to find the photos...
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