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Re: Circumcision - several questions, brit milah vs brit peri'ah

Wow, some of you are really rude. Make your own thread if you want to start a debate- she already said she had made up her mind. It doesn't matter if if it's for religious reasons (whatever religion it may be) or she just feels like it, but she specificially prefaced with that her mind is made up and she doesn't want to turn it into a debate. So please respect that.

Here's my answer to the OP:
Originally Posted by swedishmaiden View Post
Got it. That's what I was thinking. It still sounds like it's a little more invasive than I want, but better than the other methods. I think a consult with a urologist is the best idea at this point. I am not very comfortable having this done outside of a medical setting. It just doesn't feel as safe to me. No offense to anyone who chose a mohel, of course! It's just my preference.

As for religious reasons, no, we are not Jewish. We're Christian, but believe in observing some of the OT (Torah).
We got ours done at home with a mohel. In my humble opinion, it was safer because most mohels have been doing this type of thing for years on end, and only this, so they are pros at their job. At the hospital, it would have been a doctor who doesn't circumcise often, so they aren't as experienced. However, if I was going to go to a hospital, I'd ask for whoever has the most experience, and I have also heard that urilogists are the pros in this dept. For us after 6 months old, the prodedure is in fact done by a urologist.
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