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Smile Softbums or Other AI2's?

Hey all!
I have an 8 week old son and am new to cloth diapering. So far I have a couple of brands of pockets that I'm considering for nighttime, but really want some AI2's. I much prefer velcro or aplix to snap closure and need the diapers to be stay-dry, so I am going to try Softbums. The only problem is that what I have heard is that if LO pees, it soaks through the soaker and onto the lining of the I supposed to just snap in a new soaker? That seems kind of gross; does anyone know if there is a way to keep the lining dry? Or is it really sanitary to do that? (Otherwise, does anyone have any AI2 recommendations that have velcro closure and stay dry liners? Besides Flip; they aren't my favorite...) Thanks!!!
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