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Re: Softbums or Other AI2's?

We only use Softbums -- each time we change DD, we drop the insert into the wet bag, hang the cover to air out, and put on a new cover and insert. The next time we change her, we put a new pod in the cover that has been airing out, and then air out the cover we just took off. We swap them back and forth a few times, only throwing the cover in the wet bag if DD soils her diaper or if the cover gets really soaked or isn't airing out well. We use OBV pods, so it's rare that the cover is really wet -- I think it's more likely with the dry touch pods, so you might not be able to reuse the cover as frequently.

I know other mamas have not had the same amount of success we've had, but it's a great system for us! I <3 Softbums!
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