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Re: Is back to breast possible?

I never had back to the breast issues it was getting him on the breast after the bottle. DS2 was born 8 weeks early and was on a NG tube for 2.5 weeks. We went from the tube to breastmilk in a bottle since it was easier for him to eat. When we got home at 3 weeks we started working on getting him on the breast. It was a long battle of keeping his weight up, latching, being strong enough to nurse and just getting him to. It took us about 2 months of boobie boot camp and a lot of crying on both ends to get him completely transitioned and another 2.5 weeks of pumping just to make sure my supply would be ok. What I found helpful was Breastflow bottles. His latch got so much better after we started using those bottles. I also found that if I fed him about a 1/4 to 1/2 of a feeding by bottle and then nursed him that helped with the frantic rooting and screaming. My little guy is very impatient for the let down. So while I was trying to get him on the breast, I did some nipple stim while bottle feeding him and when my milk was ready to let down, I latched him. If my milk wasn't letting down as it should (and it often didn't as I was so tense and stressed) I would do breast compressions and that gave him enough milk to spare me a few extra minutes to just relax and for my milk to let down. A LOT of naked time (as PP mentioned).. I still feed DS but we cuddled and had tons of skin to skin contact, this encourages nursing. Babywearing, shirtless, having baby spend plenty of time with breast and not expected to do anything with them. Maybe try a nursing necklace since your DD is older, only let her play with it when she latches and then plenty of patients. good luck!
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