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Re: 3 month old fighting naps PLEASE HELP!

I don't like CIO - I usually nurse DD in bed and she falls asleep. When DH is watching her, he rocks her then lays her down in the bed. She is 3 and a half months old and is a good night sleeper, too. Her naps have no schedule - but neither does her feeding. We just do what ever she wants!!

We did this with DS and he eventually made his own sleep schedule. Never really did get on a feeding schedule...just fed when he seemed hungry.

DS was fussy alot. Turns out it was gas. DD got fussy a little at first so I stopped eating dairy and she is fine now. Hardley ever fusses but still has lots of gas but she is able to pass it.

I would just put her to sleep how ever she likes...when ever she seems tired.
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