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Post Spontaneous Lactation? Advice wanted <3

What on earth would cause this? I haven't been nursing my little one since she was six months old. ( Much to my dismay, I'll admit. ) I was completely dried up, she was losing weight, the pump got nothing kind of not nursing since six months.

I tried for a while afterwords, but nothing. ( Zip, nadda... she'd been eating supplements since five months due to the weight issue. )

This last month or so I have been stressing that I might be pregnant. ( And that is a major stress with two littles under 2) Thankfully we confirmed not pregnant last week. But this morning I woke up, and my entire front of my night gown was soaked???!?!?!

And I was determined my husband dumped his water in the bed or something. However, i took my PJ top off, and I was still leaking everywhere. I wasn't tight, and if I like compress I get nothing, but if I just leave them alone, they want to leak everywhere.

Since it's been nearly three months since my daughter was even brought to the breast, do you think she would latch on? What could have brought this one in the first place? I'm so confused and haven't heard of this happening before.....
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