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Instant diaper rash?

I loaned 2 dozen prefolds to a friend, who has a baby about a year older than mine (mine is 5 months.) She gave them back to me yesterday and they looked and smelled fine, and I was excited to use them, so I put them on my dd right away. I used them for the next few diaper changes, and by evening, she had a diaper rash all across her thighs, butt, and girly parts. It was fairly evenly red, not splotchy or bumpy ( a few small red pimple-like bumps here and there.) I took the diapers off and gave her a bath and used a generous amount of diaper cream, and this morning she was fine.

What could cause a rash like that and so quickly?

I washed the diapers in hot water with Tide F&G and bleach, and even let them soak a bit. Then I rinsed like crazy and did another hot wash with nothing added. I'm still a little nervous to put them on her after yesterday, do you think they're safe?
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