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Originally Posted by Housefullofgirls

Yes me too I bought 8 BG mediums listed in EEUC condition and said only used for 2 months. Ahem ya right! On 3 the laundry tabs have been replaced. Why would you need to do that with only 2 months use. They aren't stained(sunning i bet or bleach) but they stink. I'm very picky which is why when i buy diapers i ask questions. I think what it comes down to which is very gross to me. Mama's just go too many days bwtn washings and or don't use enough detergent so they get stink. sigh... I feel like I wasted 90 bucks. sucks. I also bought a $8 med aio also and it was listed in EUC and the soaker is all matted in the inside, slightly discolored and rough. Just gross. I'm done buying used! done.done. done.
After several bad transactions on fsot i only buy new now. I would rather have less good diapers. Than a bunch with "issues".
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