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Re: I HATE BFING!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by MamaNeeNee View Post
Thank you for all the replies...I guess I'm not the only one! Reading all of this really helped....maybe I do have D-MER. How have you other mamas who've experienced this dealt with it??
Yeah I'm sure some of my breastfeeding issues have progressively gotten worse because I'm stressed out. I never get any alone time. I felt really sick last night with a migraine and still didn't feel good today, I ask my BF to watch the baby for like...2 HOURS, just give me 2!!!!! No, couldn't even do that. Sometimes I think to myself, am I asking too much from him? But I don't think I am. He isn't doing anything right now. He hasn't worked in over a month or gone to school, he's on a break from school and hasn't left the house for 2 weeks...he hasn't watched her hardly at all. Instead he's been hanging out with his friends, staying up til 7 in the morning playing video games, and then sleeping all day, leaving me by myself. His friends have been coming over right when he wakes up at 5 at night....I've talked to him about it...he says I should ask my mom for help when he can't watch her. What do you mamas think???? I feel like I'm not getting help from him....sometimes he makes me dinner...but that's it. He says I should clean more and make him dinner too...maybe I would if I wasn't so exhausted from nursing our baby all day alone!
Anyway back to breastfeeding.....I keep telling myself it won't be for forever.....And yeah the whole feeling like a milk vessel thing .

But really thankyou for the responses...I don't have very many friends with babies, no one understands.
To the bolded ummm NO you are not asking too much of him. My DH works 12 hours a day loading trucks at UPS and goes to school fulltime (online classes) during the school year and he can still help with the kids and he even can manage to do the dishes from time to time. He also has plently of time to play his video games, go to band practice, play shows, and hang out with friends. Now because I am EBF I of course do all of the feeding of the baby and that means I wake up at night. If he could feed her he would but my boobs aren't detachable BF has always been something I have had mixed feelings about but I have never hated it. With my first child I felt like it was a chore and I NEVER nursed in public with the exception of family's houses. With DS I would nurse in public but prefered to be able to sit in the car if we were out. This time around I am much better and although I always cover up for my own comfort I don't feel as odd about it. I was so shy and modest about it with my first 2 that I would not even let a LC help me because I didn't want anyone all in my biz. You have to do what works for you and one great piece of advice is take it one day at a time because otherwise it can be overwhelming. Like setting a long goal is harder to see the finish than if you just take it day by day and pretty soon months have passed and you are still going.
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