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I'm high risk, not sure if benefits outweigh..

I need some input, words of wisdom, encouragement, whatever. I've been going crazy the past few days and am a bit disheartened. We currently have two wonderful children, but both were premies, the last was born very early and was in the NICU for 3 months. DH has told me the past few months that if I want another, he's game. Well, after thinking about it, I do.

I saw my obygyn yesterday and she freaked me out with all the talk of dying while giving birth, having my baby die, needing a blood transfusion or hysterectomy. I guess I'm high risk, based on the fact thatI had two c sections and an inompetent cervix So if I did get pregnant I'd probably need bedrest and some other things.

I don't mind the bedrest, dh said he'd definitely help, but I am just really scared now. I would love another, but the thought of birth and possible complications in all directions freaks me out. I am terrified. I know the percentages aren't necessarily high, but with my extra risk factors, it goes up and so does the seriousness. *sigh*
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