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Re: I'm high risk, not sure if benefits outweigh..

I'd be finding a new Dr, personally. Because you know about the possibilit yof incompatent cervix, it can be monitored more closely and hopefully keep it from opening too soon, or at least minimizing it. 2 c/s I think is no more high risk than any other woman who has had 2 (myself included- and my mw does not consider me high risk- and is even encouraging me to vbac with my next)

To me, it sounds like you need a doctor or MW who works for you- not one who (IMO) is spouting scare tactics to make you compliant. If you want another baby, I feel it is there job to support youand help you make that come true, even if it means more work for them. You need a dr who is supportive- or if there is truely a life threatening reason why you should not get pg again, then they should discuss that with you, while laying out the pros and cons.
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