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What do I do with non pocket diapers??

So I feel like a silly newbie asking these questions - I have only ever used BG 4's with snaps.

I'm currently starting a stash of newborn diapers for a yet unconceived babe (TTCing now yay!!) but I'm feeling like I am just feeling comfortable with my Bg's that I have been using for 4 months and now I have to figure out new diapers -

I have ordered some BG's AIO's with velcro - how do I dry them if I can't line dry them (my preferred method but live in Canada so have snow and line drying doesn't really work LOL. I hang all my BG covers now so how does that work with AIO's??

I'm also thinking of getting some kissaluvs but do these also have to be worn with a cover?? does it matter what covers - I know nothing about covers, liner, prefolds since again all I've used are pockets.

Velcro - is there anything special I should be aware of - I'm hoping to resell my newborn diapers since they will not be used for more than a few months and this will be our last baby - I want to do everything I can to keep thing in the best possible shape.

thanks for all your input...

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