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Re: I'm high risk, not sure if benefits outweigh..

Thanks for the support and suggestions, ladies. I guess I need to find a new doctor, I'm just not sure on how I will know that the next one I pick is any better. I'd hate to just leapfrog around..I will have to try to be resourceful. I hadn't even thought about surrogacy. I'll have to research that too, though I don't know that dh would go for that (he loves my belly when pregnant- think he'd be upset not to have it!). But if safety is involved, maybe..though it's very pricy isn't it? I also brought up adoption to him, but he threw that one out:P

So I guess I'm just debating how safe/unsafe it would be for me/baby and what can be done to reduce the risk. The hard part is that the safest is a vbac, then scheduled c, and last, a failed vbac to c section. So do I try for vbac and hope it's successful, or jump to the scheduled c section? hmm.
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