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Originally Posted by MaBacon
I'm sorry but it sounds like you REALLY need a new dr. I'm very high risk too- had 4 preemies and 17 pregnancies with 19 babies and one was our daughter who had trisomy 18 and would die. I have an unknown clotting disorder- they just can't figure out which one that makes it tricky to figure out what meds I need to be on. Low progesterone, preterm labor that starts around 18wks for unknown reasons too, I've had pre-eclampsia with my 1st and pregnancy induced hypertension with all the others. Never once over the past 8 yrs did my OB try to scare me. She didn't sugar coat anything either. she just gave me the facts. Yes I have had 3 c/s. I was at higher risk for rupture. Add that to my PTL and we knew my goal was no longer than 35wks and we'd deliver. We laid out a game plan and she kept up on the current research into what we could do to help.

We decided to put me on mod. bedrest starting at 10wks and it gradually turned into full by 20wks. I was put on procardia to help my blood pressure and contractions, we did 17p injections with DS2 to help keep him in longer (they are very effective for almost everyone, just not me. I've had several friends deliver preemies - even micro preemies and go on to have full term next pg). We hooked me up to a home contraction monitor 2x a day starting at 24wks and every time they went over the threshold, I went to the hospital for terb shots. And if needed mag drip. I was on weekly apts from 10wks on and weekly ultrasounds from 14wks on. At 18wks we added in weekly ultrasounds to keep an eye on my cervix length because once it starts to shrink I usually deliver within a week or so. Yes it can be scary. But it all worked! I kept all my babies in until 34wks when they wanted to come much earlier. Never once did my OB say that I might die (yes anyone can die during childbirth, even low risk-homebirth moms). But I was encouraged to have my OB keep an watchful eye on me and I was encouraged to call and come get checked out anytime I thought something was 'off'. My OB never turned me away, all the nurses and other dr's knew my case some (my ob told them about it) and that way they were prepared too if I came in on a day she wasn't there.

For you I'd find a new dr and set up a game plan. You know you are going to have IC, so they can monitor it weekly or every other week with ultrasounds. I'm not sure why you were on bedrest but if it was for preterm labor there is a lot of things they can do to help out.

Having a dr you feel comfortable with is key. Perhaps look into a high risk dr and set up a consult. You should not feel scared because of what your dr said to you about having another baby. Heck for us my OB was scared for us, we had decided to get my one tube that is left tied with our last baby. The night she said we were delivering him DH and I were suddenly not sure. She looked at me and said she wouldn't do it if she was in our shoes. We weren't ready and she said if we wanted to ever have another baby, she would help us even if it is risky. So we didn't get the tubal. And I'm very thankful for that. If you have any questions about what to ask a new dr about procedures you can do to help make it farther I'd be happy to help.

Oh and on a side note, One of my friends had micro preemie twins- they were her 6&7th babies. All her others were born at 34wks, then she had her boys and Nick died, Kenny lived and has several problems. 2 yrs later she went on to have a healthy baby girl who stayed in until 34wks! So it can happen!!
You have 19 children!? Wow go mama!

Mama, get a second opinion. You seem at slightly higher risk but with a good doc those things can be overcome.
Good luck!
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