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Re: I'm high risk, not sure if benefits outweigh..

Originally Posted by JustAugust View Post
I don't know... I almost think it's.... irresponsible to go into another pregnancy knowing you're likely to have another VERY early baby. My babies were only 3 and 5 weeks early and that is enough to make me reconsider a #3. I just feel like I want to give my babies the best start possible, and the possibility of having one earlier than 35 weeks is scary to me. I just would feel terrible knowing I am making the choice to put my own child through that much hardship so early on. I truly don't mean to be mean, I hope you don't take it that way. That's just my feelings on it, and why I would NOT have another if I were you (and seriously debate in my own situation). Is adoption not an option for you guys? Not everyone wants to adopt, but that's something we're considering.
I see what you are saying, and this is weighing in my decision of whether to even try for a pregnancy. However, I do think it'd be possible to have a later baby, as I've seen it happen with the use of shots, bedrest, etc. With my last baby, I wasn't offered (and didn't think I was at risk, so never asked) anything as far as keeping the baby in longer. I was on my feet all day (I'm a teacher) thinking I could be superwoman, no problem. Now I'm well aware of what "might" happen and would have to force myself to sit and to do whatever else is needed. This is why I plan on speaking to a high risk specialist before getting pregnant.

Did you have complications with yours? Mine born at 34 weeks had none, and with #2, yes, we spent a lot of time in the hospital and yes, we went through terrible hardships, but I guess with babies, you tend not to (at least not me) dwell on the negatives and focus on the great love they bring. To me, I'm at a point where I would LOVE a third kid. yes, we don't NEED it, but telling someone who wants a child so badly that they probably shouldn't is heartwrenching. Yes we could adopt. Or even surrogacy. But we don't have money to do this, so if it came that, we just wouldn't have another.

Originally Posted by shortcake2386 View Post
find a new dr. i love my dr but when we ttc again i will have to find a new one(way too far to drive) im so scared of finding one who is "as good" or better. i have a blood disorder that leads to PTL, IUGR, reduced blood flow to the placenta and clotting issues. we have lost every other baby ds stayed in until 36 w 2 d and i totally give all the credit to my awesome drs. for the first time in 5 pregnancies i was not on full bedrest, i got 17p injections starting at 16 weeks and ending at 35 weeks 2 days(the shot lasts a week and that was true in my case), baby aspirin daily, weekly u/s starting at 24 weeks(biweekly before that to check for cervical change). gosh i dont even remember what else. and guess what? i want more. at least 7 more dh on the other hand is scared but im hoping he will come around...soon.
id call around. see if you can get some referrals from friends. maybe the dr will meet with you to talk before you actually become a patient??? GL
You've been through a lot too. I'm glad that the injections worked for you. This is something I hope could work for me too. Did you end up doing a c section? I found a doc (a guy) that has gotten good reviews for his bedside manner. He's an expert and has done a lot for are right that it may be a good idea to talk to him before I switch. I'm not sure how I'd go about mentioning why I want to switch.

Originally Posted by MaBacon View Post
A VBAC is not always the safest option, especially in high risk pregnancies. If I were in your shoes I would not opt for a vbac knowing that you have IC.

I really don't think that someone should give up their dream of a family just because they have a preemie. We've been though more hurdles than one could want trying to get our family. Yes we've been though hell, but I take one look at my kids and know the weekly apts/US's/meds/NICU time was all worth it for them to be in my arms today. Really I think with the right medical team she should be fine to have another healthy baby.
Yup, I'm still undecided on the vba2c or c section..I just want to make sure I get all of the info before making that decision. And I agree with the above!
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