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Milk bank donors... your experiences!

Since DD has been such a great sleeper, I'm pumping at night and in the morning (usually) and am averaging about 6-10oz extra to put in the freezer per day. We're still trying to get her to take a bottle of BM (no go!) and DS is getting some of it but I still have over 100oz in the freezer (which is the mininum donation). So I've decided to donate to our local milk bank

I know I'll have to go through an interview, some blood work and have my family doctor consulted. Has anyone gone through this? Can you share what you went through?

And a question: I've also found out that I can only donate until DD is 1 since the thought is that breastmilk produced for an older baby is likely not to meet the needs of the newborns (or preemies) who will be making use of it in the hospital. I understand that logic, but wouldn't breastmilk still be better than formula? I don't know anything about formula.

Thanks ladies!
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