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Re: Spontaneous Lactation? Advice wanted <3

Originally Posted by blueone View Post
Have you been tested for hyperthyroid or any other condition that can cause this? Maybe your hormones are unbalanced. I'd suggest getting all your hormone levels checked. I think there is a condition that causes milk production that involves a hormone prolactin. It's easy to fix though.

Oh, I should add I had started leaking milk a couple weeks ago and my breasts were so sore. I thought I was pregnant, but it turns out my T3 thyroid dose was too high and that was what caused it. They had sent me the dose that was one step higher. Once I fixed it I was fine again and no more leaking milk.
My Dr. and I think it might be due to my birth control. I've always been sensitive to hormone birth control and I had to mess with it this last month because of the pregnancy scare... I didn't want to take my BC if I was preggo.

Also, I've been around alot of other expecting preggo/new mommies, and the last two years, both years, at this time, I was pregnant. So, my dr says I've got alot of innocent factors going. She did a bit of blood work and it's all come back fine.
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