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Re: Milk bank donors... your experiences!

I would try to find a local mama before donating to a milk bank. I was literally pouring milk down the drain nightly because my entire freezer was full and I had WAYYYYY more milk than my DD was drinking. The milk bank TOOK FOREVER to do the blood work and paperwork and to send me the cooler ( 3 months!) I cried each and every single time I had to pour milk down the drain. 100's of ounces. I really wish someone locally wanted my milk. Anyway, I finally got my over supply under control and I got the milk bank to send the cooler out twice and cleaned out 1/2 of my freezer. I still have a couple hundred ounces but I figure that I will just start using it for my girls to drink before it expires. ( I have a 3 and 1 year old ).
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