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How to get a super trim fit with a prefold *step by step pics!*

I noticed a lot of people asking lately so I thought I'd post these pics that I took a few weeks ago since I'm such an expert at getting a super trim great fit . They arn't the absolute best but show the basic overview. I'm using a little lions unbleached indian prefold, a new style snappi and a wool interlock pull-on cover.

This is how I start out folding the prefold, there is about 2 inches folded down:

I lay it out then set the baby on top, I've found this is easier than trying to fold it under the bum or slide it under:

Once you have it positioned on baby, fold the extra length down in the front (should be 1-3 inches) this creats front wings, tuck them around the sides and hold in place:

Pull the first side wing over as far as you can, hold firmly with one hand while pulling the second wing over, then hold both wings together with one hand while you reach for your snappi:

Make sure you have the wings pulled as tightly as you can comfortably get them, then snappi:

Here is the nice tight fold you should end up with:

Notice there is hardly any gaping at the legs because I pulled the wings so tight:

There's no way this baby is gonna leak!:

Add the pull-on cover for a super trim, adorable & reliable combo:

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