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ok I thought BFing was going great but now I am worried after going to the doctor today

Birth - 6lbs 2 oz
Discharge - 5 lbs 13oz (I think)
1 weeks - 6lbs
Today (5 weeks 3 days) - 6lbs 13 oz

he has plenty of wet & poopy diapers so I had no clue he wasn't gaining. Unless something is off with the scales because it has been a different scale each time. Even his height is off on the measurements:

Birth - 20.5
1 week - 19.5
Today (5 weeks 3 days) - 20.75

so I don't know what is accurate. He looks long and skinny to me. We go back next Friday to check his weight. I am going to stop using the pacifier and let him comfort nurse more than he is already. Any other suggestions?
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