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Re: How to get a super trim fit with a prefold *step by step pics!*

Originally Posted by BluebirdBaby View Post
That is so great!! Thanks! She is a cutie.

What kind of wool is that? A Luxe?

How often would you change that? I have a heavy wetter, and everytime I used a prefold, she would be soaked in 30 minutes.
This is a cheeky's wool cover, I like it because it's a bit smaller and stretchier than a luxe, but those work great too. What kind of prefold you are using really makes a huge difference in the absorbancy. For a heavywetter you will want premiums not regualrs (premiums have extra layers of fabric in the middle). And these perticular prefolds, I think they are thirsties, seem to be really awesome and absorbant. For night time I use the exact same fold, but with a hemp infant prefold tri-folded in the middle.

Just found out the prefold's arn't thirsties they are little lions unbleached indian prefolds
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