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I have severe hypoplastic tubular breast syndrome. With my son we tried everthing but only lasted 7 months with supplements. With my next DD we made it 9 months with supplements. With the next one we made it two years with no supplements at all. No herbs, meds or anything.
My youngest weaned at 19 months with no supplements but I lost my supply due to pregnancy and being touched out.

The best thing is to keep baby at breast as long and as frequent as possible. Is there a reason you pump? I cant pump at all. Nothing comes out. The more you nurse the more tissue you can build up. For me it took a few babies though. My last two babies gained weight like crazy too!

It can be done. There are milk teas you can buy, fenugreek, using an SNS and of course domperidone and reglan.

Hope that helps a little!
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