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Re: Tips for biting while nursing??

I decided I wasn't going to stop bf'ing if he bit 'cause I thought that would encourage him and/or make him think that's how we say, "done mommy"
so I'd keep going. although sometimes I'd yelp an "ow" or pull him off for a second to recover, say no, then keep bf'ing

I'd try to do everything possible to make her feel better before nursing, ie
ice, rub her gums, chamomile (tea or tablets, 30C), a cold frozen washcloth to suck on, cold teether... whatever works

and yes, she's probably getting enough. just keep offering and take her cues if it looks like she's ready to nurse (of course if she doesn't pee or have bowel movements, that's when you should be concerned about supply issues - off her normal schedule that is)
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