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Re: Thrush

Can you scrape it off? It so, it's likely milk. However, my kids all had a milk tongue that COULDN'T be scraped off but it was definitely milk, not thrush.

If it IS thrush, you should get on top of it ASAP! Thrush or not, though, both of you need to get on quality probiotics. You can also swab her mouth with diluted GSE (gentian violet is an option too, but it's SO messy), and rinse your nipples off with GSE and/or vinegar in between nursing, and let them air dry. Ditch nursing pads (or replace them with fresh clean ones regularly (I always go to sposie pads with thrush, even if I no longer need them, because it keeps my bras clean and I can leave a treatment on my breasts). Ditch lanolin as well. I like to put coconut oil on my nipples after rinsing with GSE/ACV because it is antifungal, but also will keep them from getting cracked and painful (a side effect of thrush that doesn't get treated right away).

I have tandem nursed during thrush numerous times, and nursed three kids during our worst time of thrush. However, the problem was with one child and myself most of the time, and I didn't have to worry about the other two really. I always made sure they were on probiotics, and occasionally treated them with something too, but overall I just focused on myself and the baby and that's how we overcame it.

Here is more info on my blog if you might need it...

Hope you can get it dealt with soon!!!!
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