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Re: How do you respond?

Thanks for the advice. I have tried her with soy milk but I have been noticing that she gets night sweats on days she drinks more than 8 oz of soy milk. I basically give it to her at meal times in a cup but I think I will just thaw out my BM instead for her in a cup.

I like the idea of giving her a binder of info on breast feeding. I basically bawled at that appointment when she asked me if she told me right now what would work to get my DD to eat more and increase her iron would I do it even if it involved stopping nursing. Of course I said I wasn't sure but of course if someone gave me a miracle I would stop nursing if it would fix everything. But I just know in my heart it wasn't the right thing to do. Not to mention my DD threw the worst tantrum I have ever seen her throw right after the nutritionist mentioned to stop nursing. Coincidence??? I didn't think so.

The problem is around here she is the "Guru" of nutrition and allergies especially in young children. There really are not that many other nutritionists that understand food allergies. But you know I knew most of what she told me at the meeting before I got there. Mostly from talking to moms on here and in my allergy support group.
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