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Re: How do you respond?

That nutritionist is totally wrong. The lactoferrin in breastmilk binds to iron in breastmilk to make it the most easily absorbed iron. Babies absorb something like 80% of the iron in breastmilk vs. 25% of the iron in formula. She does still need your milk, especially with allergies. Your milk also helps support her immune system and decreases the risk/severity of allergies. She needs to thumb through a good lactation text. Definitely not a "Guru" if she is suggesting allergic children stop breastfeeding! Stopping breastfeeding is appropriate only in rare circumstances where babies have inborn errors of metabolism. This would have been discovered in the newborn period if your child had anything like this. Your IBCLC should be able to provide resources to support extended breastfeeding and breastfeeding with allergies.

I'd ask for a referral to another nutritionist. Just like MD's, there are good and bad. My DD2 has Celiac and we've seen both sides of it.
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