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Re: Nursing the older baby? part time?

It is normal for you not to feel very full before feedings at this point. You will likely feel some fullness if you skip feedings or try to stretch out the time between pumping. That overfullness is what tells your body to stop producing as much milk. Many moms adapt to not pumping at work. At 8 months, your milk supply is well established. As long as you keep having 3-4 breastfeedings a day, you should be able to keep your supply up. Some babies will do a reverse breastfeeding cycle where they night nurse more and day nurse less in this situation. Breastmilk or formula is still a major source of nutrition for an 8 month old. Tinker with what you're doing and see what works best for you and your baby. Breastfeeding doesn't have to be all or nothing. Congratulations on making it this far!
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