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Re: Blessed with Children Struggling for More, Week of July 24th

Hey ladies! I go back in tomorrow for another follie scan.....feeling pretty crampy and pinchy tonight so feeling hopeful. It'll be CD 22.....I pray so hard every single day for this...I just want the hurt to go away, the desire to go or another baby to come....I feel so selfish praying for myself like this when there is so much going on me right now...a girl at our church, whom I have not met yet was out for a bike ride on Sat. She was one day overdue with a baby. She had a bike accident, fell of her bike and fractured her skull and had a hematoma on her brain. They got her right to the ER, did C-section and a crainiotomy (sp). She actually was not supposed to make it out of the surgery but she did and she is critical but stable! There were over 70 people from our church at the hospital praying with the family that afternoon...the baby is doing well. As far as I know, she is still stable. Her name is Anna...if you all would not mind adding her to your prayers.

Liesl~ I will add you to my prayers! I pray that this is so it for you!

Liz~ you'll be added to the list as well Nothing but good thoughts!

Maybe you 2 have started a trend for this thread and I will be able to join you in a couple of weeks!

Have a good night all...
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