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Originally Posted by lalakiwi7
with my first pregnancy I tested on 10po (wasn't a poas lunatic) and it was a blue dye and it was a faint pos so faint I had to get my sister to confirm. Next day digi said negative. I felt like I was so then took another test that Thursday at 12dpo and it was def positive and I wasn't a squinter maniac then so it must have been clearly positive. By 15dpo it was so dark that it was obvious before the control line started to show.... so I guess I am just being paranoid.... I am def getting a serum tomorrow!!! My peace of mind needs it. It have taken so many different brands and they are all positive but so faint I just want some good doubling levels!!!!!!!
Faint and barely visible means that (no matter what) something IS visible... Which generally means somethings cookin try not to worry about it! Def get confirmation but I'd say try to enjoy the possibility no matter what. I am wishing the best for you!
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