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~*~Monkey Bunns YYMN or MYMN~*~

I've been on Etsy for almost 4 years now (monkeybunns-though I haven't stocked in a LONG time) and Hyena Cart since December 2008. I started out making diaper cakes and pocket diapers but with the CPSIA I've been going more to hand knit wool. I used to live in Utah and in August we moved to Oregon. I'm a mama who is alone a lot of the time-hubby is working on his PhD and his program requires A LOT of travel this summer and is currently gone most of the time or hogging the computer for school . I have a 4 year old that I call Monkey (you can see his cute pictures throughout my site-man I need to update picts!!!) and a 1 year old son that I call Kangaroo or Baby K. I CDed Monkey starting at 2 1/2 months to do LESS laundry (and yes without blowouts I started doing less laundry but you CDing mamas already know that ). I started CDing Baby K when we left the hospital at 24 hours. When Monkey was 15 months he developed an issue that his urine literally burned his skin so we HAD to switch to wool and PFs exclusively and I haven't really looked back since (that's why I don't really make pocket diapers much any more!). Kangaroo wears flats and PFs during the day with PUL or wool and fitteds at night and nap with PUL or wool. He loves sporting his Ian Polo rompers and his Hootie Who Romper (see some pictures at the end!)

I make soakers/skirties, shorties, and longies.

Here are my sizing details:
Please be sure to give me the following measurements on your child when purchasing this item:
Hip (around the thickest part of the diaper)-please note if you use prefolds, fitteds, or both
Thigh (around the chunkiest part of the thigh)
Rise (from the belly button/top of the diaper in front to the top of the diaper in back-THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE! If it's too short the cover will not cover up the diaper so measure over the bulkiest diaper you will use)
Inseam: from the top of the leg down to the ankle (you can add a little extra to grow and roll)

For pricing here are approximate measurements so you can select the proper "size" to purchase-prices are based on approximate sizes but I can knit FULLY to your measurements-PLEASE make sure to give the most in the rise and inseam if you want them to last as long as possible. We made it on our newborn soakers through to a size medium. I can also knit for kiddos in underwear-please let me know if your kid is in underwear so I can make them fit a bit better in the bum.

Newborn (about 7-12 lbs)
Hip: 15 in, Rise: 14.5 in, Thigh: 7.5 in, Inseam: 5-6 in
Small (about 10-15 lbs)
Hip: 17 in, Rise: 16 in, Thigh: 8.5-9 in, Inseam: 7 in
Medium (about 15-20 or 25 lbs)
Hip: 19 in, Rise: 17.5 in, Thigh, 10.5-11 in, Inseam: 9 in
Large (about 20ish-30ish lbs)
Hip: 21 in, Rise: 19 in, Thigh: 12 in, Inseam: 10-12 in
XL (30 lbs+)
Hip: 22 in, Rise: 20 in, Thigh: 13.5 in, Inseam: 11+ in
(I can also do preemie-contact me)

Pricing for YYMN(hand dyed extra, any other type may be extra, Patons add exact price of yarn-I can get it to avoid you paying shipping-I can get a lot of colors but not all. I also can get local wool/local spun-contact me and I can get you prices and types of wool)
Preemie: $10, Newborn: $12, Small: $15, Medium: $18, Large/Toddler: $22

Skirtie with soaker:
Preemie: $18, Newborn: $23, Small: $28, Medium: $35, Large/Toddler: $40

Overnight soaker
Preemie: $13, Newborn: $15, Small: $20, Medium: $25, Large/Toddler: $30

I am also able to do linen stitch soakers

-add $10 to the price for the extra knitting involved-also needs extra yarn. Makes a nice and dense soaker.

****IN TESTING One Size-Newborn to Medium Diaper Wrap.

More details to come soon. If you're interested in helping me test let me know!****

Skirtie options-wavy bottom,

cheer skirtie (pleated),

ruffle at the bottom,

a-line, etc (if you have something in mind I can more than likely make it-just send me a picture or tell me what you want ).

Shorties and Longies:

Shorties-shorter style:
NB: $22, Small: $25, Medium: $28, Large: $33, XL: $38
Shorties-board shorties:
NB: $25, Small: $27, Medium: $30, Large: $35, XL: $40
NB: $30, Small: $32, Medium: $35, Large: $40, XL: $45

Also available-convertible shorties/longies or shorties/capris/longies PM me with what you want and we can discuss pricing.

Ian Polo Rompers,

Molly Bubble Rompers (or dress), See what completed products look like here.
and All-in-ONESIE

by Sweet Monkey Baby (do not require a license-I do have experience knitting these and would be happy to make them for you). Measurements are best taken on an article of clothing that fits baby well rather than baby him/herself. Here are the sizing guidelines and pricing for YYMN (I can do MYMN or hand-dyed extra)

Newborn/0-3 month (Chest 13.5, Hip 16, Shoulder-Crotch 13.5) $45
3-6 month (Chest 15.25, Hip 18, Shoulder-Crotch 14.5) $50
6-12 month (Chest 16.75, Hip 20, Shoulder-Crotch 16) $55
12-18 month (Chest 18.5, Hip 22, Shoulder-Crotch 17.5) $60
18-24 month (Chest 20.25, Hip 24, Shoulder-Crotch 18.5) $65
2T (Chest 22, Hip 25, Shoulder-Crotch 20) $70

For the All-in-ONESIE there are many options-please contact me if interested in one and we can talk about the details.

I'm a licensed knitter of Jungle Gym Overalls

(I can also do this as a skirty-contact me for pricing-haven't worked that out yet)-I can also provide the additional measurements if you request them. Here are the sizing guidelines and pricing for YYMN (I can do MYMN or hand-dyed extra)

Newborn (Hip 13.5, Body length without straps 10, Inseam 5.5) $55
3 Month (Hip 15.6, Body length without straps 13, Inseam 6) $60
6 Month (Hip 16.8, Body length without straps 14, Inseam 7) $65
12 month (Hip 18, Body length without straps 16, Inseam 8) $70
18 month (Hip 20, Body length without straps 17, Inseam 9) $75

Item knit with permission from pattern writer through a licensing agreement. Comfort Wool is not responsible for the quality or safety of finished garments knit from their patterns. For more information about patterns and licensing, Comfort Wool can be found at any of the following:

I'm also a licensed knitter of the Hootie Who Romper.

Here are the sizing guidelines and pricing for YYMN (I can do MYMN or hand-dyed extra)

Newborn (Chest-15.1, Body Length- 12, Hip 15.1, Inseam 5.5, Sleeve 5.5): $60
3 Month (Chest 17.3, Body Length-14, Hip 17.3, Inseam 6, Sleeve 6): $65
6 Month (Chest 19.5, Body Length-16.5, Hip 19.5, Inseam 6.6, Sleeve 6.6) $70
12 Month (Chest 21.7, Body Length 18, Hip 21.7, Inseam 7.6, Sleeve 7.6) $75

Item knit with permission from pattern writer through a licensing agreement. Comfort Wool is not responsible for the quality or safety of finished garments knit from their patterns. For more information about patterns and licensing, Comfort Wool can be found at any of the following:

I am also a licensed knitter of the Kumfy™ Schlüttli Collection.

I haven't worked out the pricing yet but am available to make these-I would be happy to work out a price with you. Pricing will be similar as above. I will also be working on a romper pattern with buttons or KAM snaps going all the way down the side (continuing like in the pattern) OR an option for crotch buttons and the two buttons at the collar.

Item knit with permission from pattern writer through a licensing agreement with KumfyKozies™

Both sweaters-the Schlutti (with the buttons all the way down) and the Gemutlich (buttons at collar)

X-small (NB) (Chest-15, Length-8.5)
Small (6 month) (Chest-17, Length-10.75)
Medium (12-24 month) (Chest-19, Length-13)
Large (3/4) (Chest-23, Length-14.75)
5/6 (Chest-25, Length-16.5)
7/8 (Chest-26, Length-18.5)

Liebkosung-"cuddle" gown
0-6 month 20 inches long 18 inches around
6-12 month 25 inches long 21 inches around

Romper in the works.

I'm also a licensed knitter of the Kumfy™Kable Hose

-cute longies with a Celtic cable down the side.
Size (approx age)/ Rise/ Hip/Inseam Shorties/Inseam Board Shorts or Capris/ Inseam Longies (inseam can be increased or decreased)
Small (3-9 month)/ 16"/16"/ 2.5"/ 3.5"/ 7"
Medium (6-18 months)/ 18"/ 18"/ 3"/ 4"/ 9"
Large (12-24 months)/ 20"/ 20"/ 3.5"/ 4.5"/ 11"
XL (2T-3T)/ 21"/ 22"/ 4"/ 5"/ 13"

Item knit with permission from pattern writer through a licensing agreement with KumfyKozies™

Also available is Kaboom Pocket Pants

Also does not require a license but I am able to make these for you. Will be adding pricing here soon-please contact me in the meantime. From the pattern:

"Ages are approximate, but you should measure your child to ensure a proper fit. Measurements are given in inches; multiply any given measurement by 2.5 to get a measurement in centimeters. Sizes are color coded throughout the pattern. Please note that these pants are designed to fit a little more loosely around the hips so that there is room for the pockets (and anything your children may put in to those pocket!). They are meant to fit so that the elastic waist band sits above the diaper, so as not to get wet. Also, the ages/fits are made for a child in cloth diapers (yes, even the toddler sizes!)
Sizes Waist Hips Rise Inseam (shorties/board shorts/longies)
6-12 mo 15.5 17.7 17 3/4.5/8
12-18 mo 17.5 19.5 18 3/5/9
18-24 mo 19 21.3 19 3/5.5/10
2T-3T 21 23.1 20 4/6/11
3T-4T 23 24.8 21 4/6.5/12

I also can make Belle Rompers. (pictures coming soon) See what completed products look like here.

Pricing will be available soon. Sizes from pattern:
Size Chest/Hips
Newborn 14.5
3 Months 17
6-12 Month 18
12-18 Month 19
18-24 Month 20
2-3 T 21

(I can also make a matching shrug, matching hat, etc)

I am also a licensed knitter of the Transitional Tunic (pictures coming soon). See what finished products look like here.

Size/Chest Size
6-12 months/15-18"
12-24 months/ 17-20"
2t-4t/ 20-23"

***Coming soon*** Isabelle Sweater (about July 2012, licensed) See what completed products look like here.
Summer Pinafore (licensed) See what completed products look like here.

I also do cocoons and pods,
hats (similar to Hudson style hats and tickle hats, etc),

beanie/skully hats,
knit dresses,
going-home outfits,
outfits for photo shoots,
photo props,
booties, etc.

Embellishments-price depends on what it is. I can do flowers on the bum, 3-D flowers on the skirt or on the bum, I can do all sorts of animals, train, rocket ships, robots, snow flakes, etc, etc. Try anything past me I'm pretty sure I have a pattern for it OR I'll make one !

Buttons are extra or you can send your own.

I am happy to pick up other patterns and would also consider some that require licensing-if you have something you want knit up let me know! I can also have you purchase/send the pattern and I can give it back to you if you would prefer that arrangement.

I also make stocking caps similar to Hudson Hats, Tickle hats, etc that are called Monkey Caps. I also make crayon rolls and other knit toys. I make booties, baby washcloths, baby sweaters, etc, etc. If you want something to match your woolies let me know. I LOVE making sets-especially newborn sets for baby to go home from the hospital in! I also love sibling sets even for non-CDed kiddos/babies. I like to make gifts for people to give! I can also give discounts for multiple items purchased because I want CDing to be affordable! I love love love to keep in communication so if you don't want to be updated on your status don't pick me because I like to keep you updated. I also love love love communication from you so I make you happy and make you exactly what you want. Keep in mind that all items ARE hand made so I can't always fight pooling of colors or force things to pool-if you don't like pooling I will need an extra skein of yarn to alternate with for YYMN-please keep this in mind. All items are pretty much OOAK because even every skein of yarn is different. When I hand-dye I dye coordinating at the same time so the colors match. At this time I'm not dying yarn to sell for you to knit-maybe in the future. I also can offer Oregon yarn that's completely local (except the dyes-I buy those ).

I reserve the right to close for custom orders when I feel like I have enough on my plate. I'm a homeschooling mama and my kiddos and hubby come first. I do this to help our income though so even if I "say" I'm full just try me and I can see if I will have time. I WILL NOT take more than I know I can get done and I try to give you a pretty accurate timeline for when I will complete your order but since I am a mom sometimes things do come up but I will keep you informed by at least an email (so be sure to give me an accurate email-not just DS PM).


Contact me if you need additional feedback-I have it pretty much all over the place!

Any questions please feel free to ask-now without further adu...Please feel free to browse my Flickr to see more of my work-I keep this as up to date as possible.

You can check it out here

Also check out my WAHM announcement thread for updates of what's in stock in my store.
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