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Question Almond/rice milk for 12 month old?

I work 8 hour shifts 7 in a row then have 7 off. My 11 month old stays with DH's parents until DH gets off, then stays with my DH. As of now he is still taking 3 4oz bottles of pumped BM while I'm gone. I pump twice while I'm at work, & I plan to continue to do so for a bit longer, maybe around 15-18months I'll drop down to pumping 1x. I BF'd DS1 until he was 2 1/2 & plan to do so for DS2.
Anyway he is going through more BM that I can pump. I'm wondering if he can have rice or almond milk in a bottle maybe once a day while I'm gone? When I give him something like yogurt it seems to tear his tummy up, so I want to wait awhile longer before I give him cow's milk.
I saw something somewhere about rice milk having arsenic in it; & obviously nut allergies are scary (almond milk.) We don't have any nut allergies in our family.
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