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She doesnt do that with my milk!

Ok this is totally dumb but it made me sad. Dd was thoroughly enjoying dinner tonight. I usually don't give her anything to drink until she's already eaten a good amount b/c if I do, shell guzzle the milk/water/juice and then not eat. So anyway she ate a whole chicken taco and wanted more so I gave her more and a cup of milk. She drinks it and goes "Ahhh", like you do when you take a good drink of something lol. So then dh and her sisters start cracking up so she does it over and over. But for some dumb reason it made me sad and I said "she doesn't do that for my milk".

Now I'm sure she was just thirsty so it tasted really good b/c she had just eaten a whole chicken taco but now I'm second guessing what if she likes cow milk more than mine??

Ok I told you it was dumb!
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